Outlook improvements and Excel fixes in new insider build of Office 2016 for Mac version 16.11.

The full change log.

Outlook for Mac:

  • Improved People experience: when creating a new email or event, pressing delete key after clicking on a recipient to display the new contact card now removes the recipient without having to first dismiss the card. Learn more about the new contact card in our People article posted on the Outlook Blog

  • Display second time zone: when adding a second time zone to the calendar grid, a label is now displayed for the default time zone. Learn more about new time zone features in our Calendar article posted on the Outlook Blog
  • Set start and end time zone: when dragging and dropping, or resizing an event in the calendar grid, the end time now remains set in the proper end time zone

Excel for Mac:

  • Fixed several crashes.

  • Fixed the icon for inserting a Timeline filter to a PivotTable.

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