Microsoft Outlook app on iOS and Android will get search tool and improved design

Microsoft Outlook app on iOS and Android will get search tool and improved design. Design improvements are a major part of the new Outlook updates, but Microsoft is also integrating the Graph service into Outlook to take its search feature a step further.

When you start searching, Outlook will now show you a lot of different content rather than just listing all the emails that match a certain query. The new app is leveraging Microsoft Graph in order to provide contextual information and intelligent search results. For instance, it will now show you things like email attachments, flight information, and all of your most frequent contacts right at the top of the search page.

The navigation in Outlook now includes a sidebar which stores all of your different accounts, and clicking on one of your accounts will automatically show you all the different folders.Microsoft is also working on key changes to the conversations UI on Outlook. The company is adding a quick reply feature to the app, which effectively works like a chat app where you can easily reply to a thread. When using the quick reply feature, Outlook lets you select whether you want to send a reply to all participants in a thread or just to specific users. The quick reply UI will include a button which you can click on to access all the other actions, including things like attaching a file or forwarding an email.

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