Background color for phone reports (All)

We are getting amazing feedback from you on phone reports. With phone reports, you can use Power BI Desktop to specifically tailor a portrait view of your existing report for mobile viewers. With this most recent update, we added support for different report background colors on mobile. If you define a background color in Power BI Desktop, the phone layout will maintain the same color.

Right to left language support (iOS)

Power BI Mobile apps now support right-to-left languages. In this context, “right-to-left languages” refers to Hebrew and Arabic writing system that are written from right to left and require contextual shaping. If your data is in any of those languages, you will now be able to experience it in the correct direction.

Power BI Conversational BI with Q&A – Use voice to ask questions about your data (iOS)

In the real world, voice is the easiest way to get information. Talking to people is easy! With today’s technology, your mobile phone is for more than just talking to people people — you can also talk to your data. With this release, you can use the microphone button in your iOS device to ask questions about your data, in your own words. We call this Conversational BI, and we think you’re going to love it.

*Please note this capability is supported on iOS devices using iOS 10.0 and above

Build your mobile-friendly custom visual (All)

With Power BI custom visuals, developers can create new visualizations to present data in different and exciting ways. But how do these visuals render on a mobile device? Mobile consumption plays a major role in Power BI, and creating custom visuals that address the unique needs of mobile devices is a must in a mobile world.

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