Microsoft today announced a new feature in Power BI service that allows dataset owners to control the frequency of the scheduled cache refresh of their DirectQuery and live connection datasets. Whenever you set up DirectQuery or live connection against a data source, the Power BI will make live queries when users interact with report visuals. To improve quick loading of the data, Power BI keeps a cache for dashboard visuals created against the data source. The cache will be updated regularly over a period of time. With today’s announcement, Microsoft is giving dataset owners full control over how often this scheduled cache refresh happens.

Feature Walkthrough:

This walkthrough assumes that you’ve already set up a dataset with DirectQuery or live connection in the Power BI Service. As mentioned above, once you do so, Power BI will automatically make queries against your data source every hour so that your dashboards load quickly.

To change the scheduled cache refresh schedule for your dataset, navigate to dataset settings.

In settings, go to the dataset tab, and then navigate to the dataset whose scheduled cache refresh cadence you’d like to change. Below, we’ve selected a dataset that which connets to Azure SQL via DirectQuery.

Next, expand the section titled Scheduled cache refresh. This is the section added by this feature. It will be available on all DirectQuery/live connection datasets, regardless of the data source.

You can use the dropdown to adjust the cadence. You may configure scheduled cache refresh to occur as often as once every 15 minutes, or as rarely as once a week. Once you are satisfied with your selection, select the Apply button to confirm the new cadence.

And that’s it! Later, you can check the Refresh history button in dataset settings to confirm that your scheduled cache refreshes with the new cadence.