Power BI Windows App updated with presentation mode

Power BI Windows App updated with presentation mode.

Using Presentation mode in the Power BI app running on Surface Hub in your conference room and collaboration areas, better allows you to have meetings which focus on your data. Presenting, collaborating and having productive discussions with your colleagues and team members while using your data in your Power BI dashboards and reports has never been easier.

To enter Presentation Mode, tap the full screen button in the menu bar. This will make the app frame disappear, allowing you to put all your attention on the report or dashboard visuals and data.

Depending on your screen size, a new action bar will be shown, either on the bottom of the screen (for up to 84” displays) or on the left and right edges (for 84” and larger displays).

The action bar has tools for helping you navigate within the report (pages) and inside the app (breadcrumbs). The tools also help you find other content within the reports (search), and help you enhance your presentations and team discussions (inking).

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