Microsoft OneNote rolling out to all platforms with new design

Microsoft OneNote rolling out to all platforms with new design. The redesigned OneNote will now be rolling out to all platforms including Windows 10, macOS, Android, and on the web.

The redesign will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and is focused on enhancing usability for those who use assistive technologies, simplifying navigation controls, and creating consistency across devices.

  • Enhanced usability for all: In this update, we focused on making OneNote more usable for those with disabilities—such as vision and mobility impairments. We interviewed hundreds of people and analyzed product telemetry to understand how to improve keyboard shortcuts and the screen reader experience
  • Simplified navigation: Now, the navigation controls are all in one area on the left-hand side of the app. This allows users to easily switch between their notes and dramatically improves usability with assistive technologies. With the new consolidated and simplified design, screen readers can easily navigate through the app to help those with disabilities. In addition, content is front and center.
  • Consistency across devices: With this update, regardless of what device someone is using, the experience will be the same—allowing users to capture thoughts, jot down notes and get things done more quickly. This update is also exciting for schools, where device variety is increasingly common. Students will now be able to easily transition between their home and school devices, keeping them focused on their school work.

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