April 2017 Update for Remote Desktop Client app

April 2017 Update for Remote Desktop Client app. You can download the apps from their respective stores on these platforms:

Windows 10




macOS Beta

New functionality in the Windows 10 Universal app

We’ve added the following new features as part of the April release available now from the Store.

Leverage your existing RDP files

If you have built a collection of RDP files over time, you can now automatically launch them with the Windows 10 Universal app by changing the file type association for .rdp files.

Control access to local resources

For additional security when connecting to a remote system, you can configure which resources are available in the session from the advanced options for each connection:

  • Clipboard – copy/paste for text
  • Where audio should be heard – local, remote or no audio
  • [New!] In-session microphone from client device

Manage grouped desktops more easily

To make it easier to manage the desktops you’ve assigned to different groups, we’ve added the ability to move desktops between groups through drag and drop.

Use a non-English keyboard

The app will now use your local keyboard layout when initiating a new connection to a remote system instead of defaulting to the English keyboard. This provides a more consistent experience between your local and remote computers.

Copy and paste files using the pasteboard on macOS

Users on macOS who have updated to our latest release can leverage the pasteboard (or “clipboard” as we call it on Windows) to copy files from and into a remote desktop session. You can use keyboard shortcuts to move documents, pictures, or any other data type to the destination where you need them. The size of files you can copy is limited to 2 GB by the RDP protocol.

Updates to our Android application

Better keyboard experience

In mid-April we shipped an update to the keyboard that improves the in-session experience: Users with a non-English locale for their keyboard can now use keyboard shortcuts, which weren’t available before. The keyboard sync should now work better than before; but, the keyboard sync only occurs when you launch a session. . To match the keyboard language after you have connected to your PC change it manually in the session or sign out from Windows and sign in again.

Finally, we’ve added support for scancode – tools that require scancode input (like VM connect or VMWare vSphere) no receive input with the latest version of our app.

Improvements on Chrome OS

In our latest app version (8.1.53) we have been working on fixing issues identified by users. We’ve optimized switching out off and to a full screen session.  To switch between these modes use the full screen button (F4). Chromebooks that support Android applications will leverage these improvements.

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