Configuration Manager Reports not Running from the Console

Configuration Manager Reports not Running from the Console. SCCM reports are great way of getting information from SCCM. Any users who has access to run reports can see them locally  from SCCM Console on their computer. They can also use the reporting web portal to see them (Usually : http://SccmServerName/reports)


Your SCCM Reporting Point is running fine, you can see all reports in the console but SCCM 2012 Reports not running when you:

  • Browse to the Monitoring\Reporting\Reports
  • Right-click any SCCM report and select Run

SCCM Reports not running

  • Running the same report from the web portal is working fine


Navigate to the console log file C:\Program Files(X86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\smsadminui.log

The following error will be displayed :

Microsoft ReportViewer Winforms version or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified

This error means that Report Viewer is not locally installed on the computer.

Resolution (Work for all SCCM Versions):

  • Close the SCCM console
  • Download and Install Report Viewer or go to the console Installation directory\Adminconsole\bin folder and run ReportViewer.exe.
  • Restart console
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