Share and collaborate on Visio visuals Power BI visualizations

Share and collaborate on Visio visuals Power BI visualizations.

Set up email subscriptions to receive reports with Visio visuals: With Power BI email subscriptions, you get the latest snapshots of your data-driven Visio visuals sent directly to your inbox at the time and frequency—daily, weekly, or after data refresh—of your choosing. (Of course, email subscriptions are valuable for all industries, not just healthcare.) Email subscriptions save you from constantly flipping through reports in Power BI and, now that Visio visuals are included, can help you quickly identify and address potential risks before they balloon into bigger issues.

Export reports with Visio visuals to a PDF: You’re likely not the only person who needs the latest information about a particular process. But cobbling together shareable screenshots of your Visio visuals in Power BI takes time and, quite frankly, isn’t very professional. With the click of a button, you can now export your Power BI report with Visio visuals to a PDF file—giving you an easier and more polished way to share diagram data with the people who need it most. The PDF export process:

  • Exports all visible pages in the report, including those with Visio diagrams. Each Power BI report page is exported to a single page in the PDF.
  • Does not export report pages that are not visible, like tooltips and hidden pages.
  • Loads the exported PDF into your default PDF viewer, from which you can easily share or print your reports for others to review.

Export reports with Visio visuals to PowerPoint: Just like exporting reports to a PDF, you can easily create a PowerPoint slide deck of your Power BI reports with Visio visuals—yet another professional way to share important information. When you export Power BI reports to PowerPoint, the following occurs.

  • Each Power BI report page is exported as a single high-resolution image into its own PowerPoint slide—including the latest snapshots of your Visio visuals.
  • A cover slide is created in PowerPoint with the name of the report, the export date and time, last data refresh date and time, and a link to the associated Power BI report.

Add a report with Visio visuals as a tab in Microsoft Teams: Business processes become more efficient when the entire team can provide input. That kind of collaboration is easy enough in Visio and we’ve made it easy for Visio Visual reports, too. You can now bring your Power BI reports with Visio visuals into Microsoft Teams, giving you a naturally collaborative solution for dissecting the latest diagram data with all involved stakeholders. To do this, go to the appropriate Teams channel and tap the + sign to add a Power BI report with Visio visuals as a tab. Teams automatically detects all the reports in your Power BI groups and in My Workspace, making it easy for you to choose which ones to share. One thing to keep in mind: you’ll need to give your team members permission to access the report in Power BI before they can see it in Teams.

NOTE: Editing a Visio Visual in Power BI requires a Visio Online license, either Plan 1 or Plan 2.

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