Windows 10 Skype app gets improved design and sharing support

Windows 10 Skype app gets improved design and sharing support. The improved design doesn’t bring a lot of new changes to the UI itself but it’s likely preparing for the new look of Skype which the company rolled out on Android and iOS.

Microsoft is ditching the hamburger menu in the app with the new update. The company has moved the profile picture, profile details, settings, and everything else that used to live in the hamburger to the header of the sidebar. When you click on your profile picture, it will let you edit your profile details (your mood, bio, etc.) from the modal. From there, you can also access the Settings of the app which now loads in a modal and no longer looks bad on big displays. Things like the new chat window and number pad have also been moved to the new modal UI which actually works really well now.

Another major new feature that Microsoft is adding to Skype is support for sharing. Skype finally integrates into the sharing system in Windows 10, which means you can now share anything from any app in your Skype conversations which really was a much-needed addition.

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