Community already bypassed win32 apps block on Windows 10 Cloud

Community already bypassed win32 apps block on Windows 10 Cloud. Microsoft is working on a lightweight version of Windows with codename “Windows 10 Cloud.” While the official in-depth details on this version of Windows are scarce, screenshots of the lightweight OS showing that the OS would only run apps seen in the Windows Store.

In fact, though some have called the OS a “Windows RT 2.0”, one Twitter user has managed to bypass the Win32 app block on Windows 10 Cloud and install Google Chrome.
The Twitter user who simply goes by the name of “Longhorn” is teasing that he managed to bypass Microsoft’s Win32 app block in Windows 10 Cloud. The user managed to run apps from outside the Windows Store, in this case, Google Chrome and also the Desktop App Converter. Though the user faced subsequent Windows SmartScreen warnings after doing so, it is still not clear how this was accomplished.
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