SQL installation Part 2 Create logical disks. Early I create and connect to my SQL VM two “Virtual Disks“. In this post, we initialize they and create “Logical disks” in system.

1. Right Mouse Button on “Start” button and select “Disk Management“;

2. First of all change “CD-ROM” drive letter from “D” to “R“. Right Mouse Button click on CD-ROM and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths“;

3. Click “Change” button;

4. Select drive letter “R” and click “OK” button;

5. In pop-up window click “Yes” button;

6. Click “OK” button to apply changes;

7. Right Mouse Button click on first Disk and select “Online“;

8. Right Mouse Button click on first Disk and select “Initialize Disk“;

9. Select option “GPT (GUID Partition Table)” and click “OK” button;

10. Right Mouse Button click on first Disk “Unallocated space” and select “New Simple Volume” (to create new logical disk);

11. Click “Next” button;

12. Leave size as default and click “Next” button;

13. Assign drive letter, as example “D” and click “Next” button;

14. Set format options:

  • File System – leave “NTFS“, if you use “ReFS” – you can’t backup it with “DPM” (Data Protection Manager don’t understand ReFS);
  • Allocation unit size – I set “64K” because I place on disk few big files;
  • Volume label – set name for your drive. In my case “SCCM-DATA“.

Click “Next” button;

15. Check summary information and click “Finish” button;

16. Repeat steps “7-15” for second disk;

17. Open “This PC” and check newly added “Logical Disks”;