SQL Installation Part 3 Net Framework 3.5

SQL Installation Part 3 Net Framework 3.5. Before we go to SQL installation we must install last required feature “NET Framework 3.5“. You can install it using CMD or GUI. In this post, we install “NET Framework 3.5” from GUI.

1. If Server Manager don’t start at login – run it. Click in upper menu “Manage” and select “Add Roles and Features”;

2. Click “Next” button;

3. Click “Next” button;

4. Select your target server and click “Next” button;

5. Don’t install any roles, click “Next” button;

6. Set check mark on “.NET Framework 3.5 Features” and click “Next” button;

7. Click “Install” button (if you don’t have internet connection, but insert dvd or *.iso file with opertaion system installation files – click “Specify an alternate source path<drive letter>:\sources\sxs);

8. When installation complete click “Close” button;

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