SQL Installation Part 4 Service Accounts

SQL Installation Part 4 Service Accounts. In last Part of SQL preparation, we create folders for future DB’s, add service accounts and enable some rules in Windows Firewall.

1. For my SQL & SCCM deployment I create folders:

  • On disk “D” (“SCCM-DATA“) – SCCM and sub-folders (Backup, Data, Logs);

  • On disk “E” (“TEMP“) – SCCM;

You planning and deploy SQL as you wish or by your “Corporate Policies“.

2. Let’s add “Service accounts” for SQL and SCCM deployment. Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “Computer Management”;

3. Go to “Groups” and open “Administrators“;

4. Click “Add” button;

5. First add SCCM server (“AD Object Computer“) account. Next add all SQL service accounts and SCCM service account (for client install); After adding click “OK” button;

6. Also you may enable in “Windows Firewall” rule to allow ping;

7. And enable more rules (see screenshot) for succes SCCM deployment.

8. If you don’t do step “7” you may get next error when installing SCCM;

At last we reach finish and can go to SQL installation.

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