SQL Server SCCM install preparation VHD Part 1

SQL Server SCCM install preparation VHD Part 1. Before we begin installation of SQL requirements and itself SQL we make some configurations of “SQL Virtual Machine” (SQL VM). In my deployment SQL with OS host on one VHD, SCCM Databases at second VHD and SQL Temp Databases at third VHD. You make as you wish. In this post,

we add more “Virtual Disks” to SQL VM (SQLSC).

1. Start your “Hyper-V Manager” console;

2. In upper right corner click on “New” and select “Hard Disk“;

3. Click “Next” button;

4. Select format of created Virtual Disk and click “Next” button;

5. Select type and click “Next” button;

6. Enter Virtual Disk “Name” and “Location“. (in my case “sqlsc-sccmdata” for SCCM DB’s) Click “Next” button;

7. Enter “Size” of disk. Click “Next” button;

8. Check summary information and click “Finish“;

9. Repeat steps to create Virtual Disk for Temp DB’s.

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