Static websites on Azure Storage reach general availability

Static websites on Azure Storage reach general availability.

Static websites refer to websites that can be loaded and served statically from a pre-defined set of files. You can now build a static website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that are hosted on Azure Storage.

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Azure Storage makes hosting of websites easy and cost-efficient. When you enable the static website hosting on your Azure Storage account, a container named ‘$web’ is automatically created for you. You can then upload your static content to this container for hosting. Your content will be available through a web endpoint (i.e., and will get a default page and a 404 page of your choice.

A sample website – your own file browser for Azure Storage

One scenario where you might use static website hosting is to build a website to interact with your data in Azure Storage. You can secure your data by protecting your files via RBAC roles and Azure Active Directory authentication, and manipulate the data using the Azure JavaScript SDKs.


There are no additional charges for enabling static websites on Azure Storage. The pricing for storing and accessing your data will apply and can be viewed on the pricing page. In addition to the storage costs, data egress charges will apply and are described within the Bandwidth Pricing Details.

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