Step-by-Step System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Installation

Step-by-Step System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Installation.

Early we make some preparations:


  • I add 2 disk to my VM (DATA and Updates);
  • Place to drive root empty file NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS (if you don’t wish place Distribution Point files to it);
  • Install Windows ADK;

  • Add some Windows Server Features;

  • Install Report Viewer 2010 (need to open reports);
  • Add SCCM computer to Local Group Administrators on SQL Server;
  • Create service account for SCCM (need for agent and software installation);
  • Disable Windows Firewall on SCCM Server;
  • Couple of cups of coffee.

Ready, Steady, Go

  1. Insert DVD disk or *.iso with SCCM 2012 installation files;

2. Run installation;

3. Click Install;

4. For Before You Begin click Next;

5. For Getting Started leave by default and click Next;

6. For Product Key insert your license key or choose evaluation and click Next;

7. For Microsoft Software License Terms READ and set checkmark I accept these license terms, click Next;

8. For Prerequisite Licenses read and set checkmarks, click Next;

9. For Prerequisite Downloads choose folder and download required files. Click Next;

10. Downloading begin;

11. For Server Language Selection choose language and click Next;

12. For Client Language Selection choose language and click Next;

13. For Site and Installation Settings enter Site code and Site Name, click Next;

14. For Primary Site Installation leave by default Install the primary site as a stand-alone site (if you don’t have hierarchy) and click Next;

15. In pop-up window click Yes;

16. For Database Information enter SQL Server name (FQDN), Instance Name and Database Name. Click Next;

17. Click Next;

18. For SMS Provider Settings click Next;

19. If you have PKI infrastructure choose All site system…, if not – see screenshot. Click Next;

20. In pop-up window click Yes;

21. For Site System Roles set protocols to HTTP and click Next;

22. For Customer Experience Improvement Program choose option that you like and click Next;

23. For Settings Summary click Next;

24. For Prerequisite Check click Begin Install (in my test deployment I don’t set limit for SQL Server Memory). If you get warning you may also begin installation;

25. Installation begin, get your coffee, it took some time;

26. When installation complete, click Close and Reboot your server.


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