Support for co-authoring and AutoSave in Office apps on Mac in general availability

Support for co-authoring and AutoSave in Office apps on Mac in general availability.

Co-authoring for iOS and Mac—We made it easier for individuals to work together across devices with the general availability of co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for iOS and Mac. Now, whether you work on a Mac, PC, or mobile device, you’ll know who else is working with you in a document, see where they’re working, and view changes. Co-authoring is already available on the Office desktop applications for Windows, Office for Android, and Office Online.

Automatically save your work on Mac—Today also marks the general availability of AutoSave in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Mac for Office 365 subscribers who store their documents in OneDrive and SharePoint. Whether you’re working alone or with others, your latest changes are now automatically stored in the cloud, so you never need to worry about hitting the Save button again. You can also view and restore content from earlier versions of the document at any time with support for version history.

Drag and drop content and files on iOS—The Office and OneDrive iOS apps now support drag and drop for content and files. One of the most common and powerful tasks when creating content is integrating photos, graphs, and other objects from a variety of sources. Now Office 365 subscribers on iPad and iPhone can easily drag and drop content into documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from other Office apps or OneDrive. Support for drag and drop for iOS also enables you to move files to and from OneDrive and other sources—such as SharePoint or iMessage—making it easier to organize content scattered across different apps and services.Other minor features:

  • New chart types—Excel 2016 for Mac now includes even more chart types, including sunburst, treemap, histogram, waterfall, and more.
  • New worksheet functions—New worksheet functions IFS and SWITCH for Excel users on Mac to simplify data calculations. The IFS formula takes the place of multiple nested IF statements. The SWITCH evaluates an expression to return the first matching value in a list.
  • QuickStarter—QuickStarter for PowerPoint creates an outline for you based on your presentation’s subject.
  • Laser pointer—Turn your mouse into a laser pointer to draw attention to specific parts of your PowerPoint while presenting. You can also change the color of the laser pointer.
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