Audio recording, new navigation view, and more in Sway update

Audio recording, new navigation view, and more in Sway update.

  • You can now add audio recordings to your sways which is pretty neat. The feature is only available to browsers that support audio recording, but most modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome support audio recording so you won’t really have to worry about that.
  • Navigate sways to a new navigate view. Show all the different sections in a slide:
  • Closed captioning to Sway, which means you can now add captions to your videos or audios on Sway. When you upload an audio file or a video to Sway, you will be able to upload the captions for the file as Sway supports the .vtt format.
  • The ability to automatically loop a Sway which is apparently something a lot of users have been waiting for.
  • View counts to Sway which will allow authors to see how many times their sways have been viewed by users.
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