System Center Configuration Manager version 1802 KB4132447 for first wave.

The client version 5.00.8634.1010 and 5.00.8634.1011 have equivalent functionality and the same fix level. They are basically identical releases. The different version numbers indicate only which installation path was taken. The clients that have version 5.00.8634.1010 indicate customers who deployed the non–opt-in release on April 12 or a later date. The clients that have version 5.00.8634.1011 were initially deployed through the System Center Configuration Manager 1802 early opt-in release before April 12 and then were updated to the non–opt-in level.

Issues that are fixed

  • The Configuration Manager console may terminate and return an exception when the Run Script wizard is closed.
  • The Deadline time value cannot be changed in Phase Properties after a new phased deployment is created.
  • User-available applications do not install from Software Center on devices that are Azure Active Directory (AD)-joined.
  • The Management insights node in Configuration Manager console does not display empty collections, even if those collections are selected as Action Needed.
  • Microsoft Edge web browser settings do not correctly deploy to devices as expected.
  • Multi-selecting a task sequence in Software Center causes a “Software Center cannot be loaded” error message on screen.
  • Heartbeat discovery and hardware inventory data from Server Core installations of Windows Server 2016 are not processed.
  • Hierarchy Manager reports errors on a secondary site after Configuration Manager is upgraded to version 1802. Errors entries that resemble the following are recorded in the hman.lof log:
  • A Configuration Manager client does not function as a Peer Cache client if there are many (thousands) of cached items.
  • Configuration Manager clients fail to renew their Windows Hello for Business certificates because of a Management Point error. Errors entries that resemble the following are recorded in the mp_token.log:
  • Installation of a Configuration Manager, version 1802 site fails. Error entries that resemble the following are recorded in the cmupdate.log:
  • Modifying installed languages through Setup after installing Configuration Manager fails. An error entry that resembles the following is recorded in the ConfigMgrSetupWizard.log file: