This Spring Thumper-Rhythm Violence is coming to Xbox One

This Spring Thumper-Rhythm Violence is coming to Xbox One. You take on the role of a space beetle traversing a hellish void toward an insane giant head. Its blend of classic rhythm, blistering speed, and brutal physicality make this a very unique action game.

“With one analog stick and one button, you’ll hurtle through nine epic levels. The basic move set of thumping, sliding, and turning is easy to pick up, but the game will challenge you. You’ll need to master new moves and survive intense boss battles. You may reach synthetic bliss, but you’ll need to go through rhythm hell to get there.

We have over 10 years of experience making rhythm games. With Thumper, we wanted to bring something new and unique to the genre. You may know my co-developer, Brian Gibson, as the bassist for the noise-rock band Lightning Bolt. He created Thumper’s original soundtrack: a fast-paced frenzy of rhythmic pulses infused with suspense and surprise. Using our custom engine, we handcrafted the gameplay and audio together. Every sound, collision, and visual effect is designed for maximum impact. There’s no blood or gore in Thumper, but you’ll feel the violence.”

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