Trove coming to Xbox One this month

Trove coming to Xbox One this month. The game is a free-to-play MMO and boasts up to 14 different character classes for players to choose from.

The official game description:

Reshape the open world with the tools of creation, like solving dungeons by building a stairway exist or customize your mobile base to serve your needs as you continue your adventure. If you have greater construction aspirations, Club Worlds are vast, instanced worlds you can share with friends. Think of it as a fully customizable sandbox for creating wonders, like meeting halls, towering monuments, recreate your favorite locations from the real world, or build PvP Battle Arena maps to test your mettle,” said Trove’s executive producer, Andrew Krausnick, of the game’s concept before thanking all of the gamers who participated in the beta testing. “The feedback from our beta testers has been absolutely stellar in helping us identify ways to improve the game for everyone. At launch on Xbox One, Trove will be a better game than it has ever been, thanks to all of you.

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