Update 1702 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch

Update 1702 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch. This Technical Preview build include:

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services support – You can install a SCCM site on an Azure virtual machine that is connected to Azure Active Directory Domain Services, and use the site to manage other Azure virtual machines connected to the same domain.
  • Improvements for in-console search – Several improvements to in-console search, including searching by Object Path, preservation of search text and preservation of your decision to search sub-nodes.
  • Windows Update for Business integration – Windows Update for Business assessment results as part of Conditional Access compliance policy conditional rules.
  • Customize high-risk deployment warning – You can now customize the Software Center warning when running a high-risk deployment, such as a task sequence to install a new operating system.
  • Close executable files at the deadline when they would block application installation – If executable files are listed on the Install Behavior tab for a deployment type and the application is deployed to a collection as required, then a more intrusive notification experience is provided to inform the user, and the specified executable files will be closed automatically at the deadline.

System Center Configuration Manager connected with Microsoft Intune to manage mobile devices:

  • Non-Compliant Apps Compliance Settings – Add iOS and Android applications to a non-compliant apps rule in a compliance policy to trigger conditional access if the devices have those applications installed.
  • PFX Certificate Creation and Distribution and S/MIME Support – Admins can create and deploy PFX certificates to users.  These certificates can then be used for S/MIME encryption and decryption by devices that the user has enrolled.
  • Android for Work Support – You can now manage Android for Work. This enables you to enroll devices, approve and deploy apps, and configure policies for Android for Work devices.


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