Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch Update 1707

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch Update 1707.

The following are new features:

Client Peer Cache support for express installation files for Windows 10 and Office 365

Beginning with this release, Peer Cache supports distribution of content express installation files for Windows 10, and of update files for Office 365. No additional configurations are required.

Surface Device dashboard

The Surface Device dashboard provides information about the Surface devices found in your environment. In the console, go to Monitoring > Surface Devices. You can view the following:

  • percent of Surfaces
  • percent of Surface models
  • top five operating system versions

Click a section of the Surface Models chart for a complete list of the devices.

Configure and deploy Windows Defender Application Guard policies

Windows Defender Application Guard is a new Windows feature that helps protect your users by opening untrusted web sites in a secure isolated container that is not accessible by other parts of the operating system. In this technical preview, we’ve added support to configure this feature using Configuration Manager compliance settings which you configure, and then deploy to a collection. This feature will be released in preview for the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 Creator’s Update (codename: RS2). To test this feature now, you must be using a preview version of this update.

Add parameters when you deploy PowerShell scripts from Configuration Manager

In the last Technical Preview, we introduced a new capability that lets you Create and run PowerShell scripts from the Configuration Manager console. In this Technical Preview, we’ve expanded on this capability. Configuration Manager now reads the PowerShell script, and displays any parameters in the Create Script Wizard. You can supply a value for the parameter in the wizard that will be used when the script is run. Alternatively, you can leave the parameter blank. If you do this, you will need to supply a value for the parameter when you run the script.

NOTE: People writing that: “The links in the PowerShell scripts from Configuration Manager section aren’t working.”

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