Use your Windows Phone as a PC remote/gamepad with Keystroke. You probably would love to remove any barriers between your phone and your PC. And one way of accomplishing that would be to create a direct, lag-free connection between your phone and your PC via Wi-Fi, so that you can use your phone to completely control your PC remotely.

With that, you would be able to:

  • Use your PC as a media center and your phone as a remote
  • Use your phone as a game controller to play PC games “Nintendo Switch style”
  • Play multiplayer games with your friends, each one using their own phone as a controller
  • Use your phone as an inexpensive (you already bought a phone!) MacBook touch bar (and drive Apple fanboys crazy in the process)
  • Use your phone to control PowerPoint presentations
  • Prank people (don’t underestimate the usefulness of this use case)

You just need to install the client on the device and the server on the PC