Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, first-person co-op melee shooter set in the dark and dangerous Warhammer Fantasy world, five brave heroes have desperately been trying to drive out the dreaded rat-men known as Skaven from the overrun city of Ubersreik. The fight continues in Karak Azgaraz, a new DLC for Vermintide that includes new weapons, maps, quests, and more!

  • New Maps

Explore three stunning new maps in the Karak Azgaraz DLC and enter a world of snow and ice. Battle the Skaven through the ancient halls of Khazid Kro in search of the Dwarfen engineer Halgrim. Make your way through chambers of cold stone, fighting off the rat-men while standing on the edge of lava-filled pits.

  • New Weapons and Achievements

The DLC would not be complete without some savage new weapons thrown into the mix. Karak Azgaraz introduces two epic new weapons as well as eight new Achievements for you to try and complete.

Bardin Goreksson, has improved his arsenal with the Warpick. With its two-step heavy attack, Bardin becomes a lethal force on the battlefield.

Victor Saltzpyre, is quite pleased with his newest weapon – the Falchion. The sharp one-edged sword.

  • Quests & Contracts

New system to support and reinforce the existing loot system has been introduced as well. Refreshed daily, these quests and contracts have various tasks attached to them; some are one-off tasks while others are more extensive. Quests are longer and require the completion of several contracts, but once handed in give you either a weapon, trinket or a hat. Both can be found on the Bounty Board in the Red Moon Inn.

  • Boon

This update also introduces a new form of reward called a Boon. These timed power-ups are attached to contracts, so once you’ve completed the task and handed it in, the Boon will activate. These boosted abilities are an excellent tool for taking on tough challenges, like Last Stand or Cataclysm.

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁