Windows 10 Build 15031 Virtual Machine Quick Create

Windows 10 Build 15031 Virtual Machine Quick Create. Early we talk about Hyper-V VM Quick Create. Very interesting feature that evolve with new Windows 10 builds.

In new Windows 10 Build 15031 VM Quick Create we get some changes in design and options.

1. Main windows have new view (you can directly select install image);

2. When you click button Set up automatic network progress bar more minimize and the text wright Create new virtual switch;

3. After you click button Create Virtual Machine you will see progress bar with some comments;

4. After machine is create check settings. In this build settings have some difference (in Memory and Processor). Early we have 1 Gb memory and 1 CPU, now by default 2 Gb memory and 2 CPU.

So, for release of Creatures Update not so many time, let’s see – how this feature evolves in release

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