Windows 10 Creators Update Virtual Machine Quick Create

Windows 10 Creators Update Virtual Machine Quick Create. With Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft introduces new option to Hyper-V – VM Quick Create.

So, let’s look closer.

1. When you start Hyper-V console you will see new button;

2. When you click it – you will see next window;

3. To simplify the number of settings, they pick some good default settings for the virtual machine, which are currently:

  • Generation: 2
  • StartupRAM: 1024 MB
  • DynamicRAM: Enabled
  • Virtual Processors: 1
  • No VHD/DVD
  • Secure Boot

4. If you click button “Set up automatic network” – new virtual switch will be created (but message say about “Creating new virtual machine“);

5. Result;

6. Ok, new Network created;

7. Open “Virtual Switch Manager” in Hyper-V console and check new Virtual Switch;

8. Let’s go back to “Quick Create“. Enter name for your VM and click “Create Virtual Machine” button;

9. VM created in Default Path, you can press “Connect” or “Edit settings“. Click button “Edit Settings“;

This is still a work in progress, so let me know what you think to Microsoft!

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