Windows 10 Hyper-V VM Settings Part 2 Management

Windows 10 Hyper-V VM Settings Part 2 Management. Continues Part 1 talk about Hyper-V Manager “Virtual Machine” (VM) settings in Windows 10.

1. Start your Hypre-V Manager and click on “Settings“;

hvmvmset12. Name – rename your VM (only visible name in Hyper-V Manager) or add notes to the selected VM;

hvmvmsetpt213. Integration Services – select or deselect services for your VM. Read more on TechNet;

By default, “Guest Services” is disabled. The guest service allows you to copy files to a running VM without using a network connection. Connect to VM and drag and drop needed information.

hvmvmsetpt224. Checkpoints – you can enable or disable of checkpoints creation. Also, select for they destination folder;

hvmvmsetpt235. Smart Paging File Location – select destination folder for smart paging file. It uses if VM need more memory (like page file in Windows);

hvmvmsetpt246. Automatic Start Action – you can select what do with VM when hypervisor (your physical computer) starts;

Best Practices: If you have many VM – better choose “Always start this virtual machine automatically” and set “Startup delay” for each VM.

hvmvmsetpt257. Automatic Stop Action – select what happen with VM when hypervisor shuts down or rebooting.


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