Windows 10 Mobile lock-screen bug may exposes your pictures.

The bug, discovered by Wallace Michael (@wallace_cane):

Allows anyone to see the pictures in your camera roll without knowing your PIN number.

The PIN workaround works as follows:

  1. On a locked device, take any photo.
  2. Preview the photo using the Preview thumbnail (lower left), and after the photo has been opened, delete it using the trash bin icon.
  3. Press the Back button.
  4. Preview the photo again, using the thumbnail. You should see a black screen.
  5. Press the back button and Preview the photo using the thumbnail for a 3rd time.

You should now be able to swipe through all the photos and videos in the camera roll.

The flaw likely has more privacy than security implications.

Update: Latest Insider Build does not appear to be vulnerable to this issue.