Microsoft officially announce Windows 10 S. The new version of Windows is called Windows 10 S, which was previously known as Windows 10 Cloud.

Windows 10 S is a new version of Windows 10 for Microsoft’s education customers, as the “S” in Windows 10 S stands for “schools.” Windows 10 S is a key part of Microsoft’s plans to take on Google’s Chromebook. Windows 10 S is essentially a slimmer or lightweight version of Windows 10 that can only download and install apps from the Windows Store. Users can download Win32 and the modern Windows 10 apps from the Windows Store on Windows 10 S, but it isn’t possible to download and install apps from outside of the Windows Store.Windows 10 S will also include a Set-up School PCs for schools which let them make a configuration for a PC. The configuration will get stored into one USB stick, and the school can then just plug that stick into Windows 10 S and it will automagically start configuring the device based on the config that was stored on the stick: