Windows Store update rolling out with new features

Windows Store update rolling out with new features. Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the Windows Store app – 11703.1001.45.0. The update has been in testing with Insiders and brings new features.

Windows Store now has an improved progress bar for downloads in the Downloads & Updates section. The new progress bar design shows the download speed. Here is a comparison of the old and new design:

Microsoft is also introducing interactive notifications. When you install a new app or update an app, you will now see two buttons on the notifications from the Windows Store that will let you quickly launch the app or pin it to the start menu:

The new update brings easier sharing for apps on the Windows Store. Previously, the share icon in the app listings was barely noticeable but now it’s a lot easier to notice since it’s beside the Launch/Install button for app and game listings:

The most useful feature, however, is the ability to install UWP apps remotely on the Xbox One, a convenience which should dramatically increase the usage of these apps.

You can get the latest update for the Windows Store by checking for updates on the Windows Store.

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