Workplace Analytics Feature updates July 2019

Workplace Analytics Feature updates July 2019.

In this update, you’ll discover the latest, including: 

  • Explore page redesigned
  • Teams collaboration
  • Reclassify external domains

Explore page redesigned

The Explore page of Workplace Analytics now provides a new way to open the Explore dashboards. Instead of appearing in a row of links across the top of the page, the dashboards are now accessed by cards, in the Metrics overview section. These cards are not just navigational elements; they also inform. Each card displays a representative metric – such as the cost of low-quality meetings for the Meetings overview dashboard – that shows a weekly average for all measured employees over the last three months.

This page also contains the new Analyze and start Solutions section, in which cards give rapid access to analysis-based solutions such as the new Peer analysis solution. Other solutions will become available in this area in the future.

On the new Explore page, you use informative cards to open the dashboards: 

To open a dashboard, select its card. As with the main Explore page, the dashboards themselves will now omit the row of links across the top.

Teams collaboration

In response to customer demand, we have made Teams call and instant-message metrics available. This experience provides a foundation for analyzing Teams call and IM data for communication and collaboration insights.

Teams IM and call insights can help organizations understand how many employees are active in Teams, analyze overall communication trends during and after work hours, and investigate the number of internal recipients and hours on all IMs and calls that were sent by a person (generated workload).

In the Explore area of Workplace Analytics, the new Teams collaboration page shows communication trends about and insights into your organization’s use of Teams for communication and collaboration. You can select what collaboration data to analyze on this page: either Teams’ calls, instant messages, or both.

Also, Teams data appears in the Workplace Analytics Data Sources page (Settings > Sources).

Finally, you can query for Teams data in Person queries. In a query, the following base metrics are available:

You can use Teams collaboration metrics to help define Person queries:

Reclassify external domains

In Workplace Analytics, you can now reclassify domains from external to internal. Until recently, after one company acquired another, the domains were considered external unless an IT integration of the merged companies was completed. 

With the release of this feature, a Workplace Analytics Admin has the option to reclassify external domains. They do this on the Admin Settings page, under the System Defaults tab:

On this page, admins can also search for external domains whose classification they might want to change:

Once the classification is saved, after the next data refresh, the change will be reflected on all charts in the Explore, Queries, and Sources pages.

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