InnerSpace is either a flying game with heavy emphasis on exploration, or an adventure game that puts you in a plane. It is about the process of exploration: curiosity, discovery, and revelation. From the relics you find and collect, to the imposing and strange demigods that oversee their worlds.

The story of InnerSpace is set inside a place we call the Inverse: a collection of worlds that are essentially inside out, with physics that follow the same theme (gravity pulls towards the edges of the world instead of in). Imagine standing on the ground and looking across to the other side of the world, then looking down and watching the world curve below you. The experience, to say the least, is otherworldly.

Inevitably, after giving the above pitch, most people ask what you’re probably thinking right now, “That sounds cool, but, like, what do you do?” Ironically, that’s what we asked ourselves around the beginning of this project. I feel like every team has its own process towards game design — some start with a specific game mechanic, while others may use a narrative theme. We, on the other hand, started with a space. A unique space, but a space, nonetheless.

Each new world presents a distinct ecosystem with ruins, creatures, and wildlife to be explored. And as you explore, you’ll come across artifacts left by the now gone civilization that once expanded across the interconnected worlds. When combined, these elements — abandoned towers, overgrown underwater caverns, tools, letters, artwork — are presented at arm’s reach, asking you to learn more about them, tying the pieces together as you observe and interact with them.

Gameplay trailer: