You won’t be able enhance your… in Conan Exiles on Xbox One

You won’t be able enhance your… in Conan Exiles on Xbox One. If you were hoping to play Conan Exiles on Xbox One for its uniquely customizable character models, you might want to reconsider. According to Glixel (via Kotaku), the early access game’s male endowment slider won’t be available on the Microsoft console.

Since it first became available through Steam, Conan Exiles has gone viral with male enhancement jokes across social media. This was possibly unexpected but welcome publicity for the title from Funcom, boosting it to 3 million copies sold. Joel Bylos, creative director of Conan Exiles, explained in the interview that the choice to include full nudity in the full game just made the most sense.

It’s worth noting that exposure to nudity is by player choice. When creating their character, they have the option to begin dressed, half dressed, or bare. Server owners are even able to limit the amount of nakedness for the players on a broader scale.

Xbox has been pretty clear with us that it’s not going to fly. It’s just going to be off by default I think. I don’t know if partial nudity might be OK. We haven’t spoken to Xbox about breasts. They do allow breasts in some of their games, but the penises definitely won’t be there.

If you’re looking to get the full experience of Conan Exiles, Windows 10 PC might be the way to go about it. It is currently available only as early access on Steam with plans to release the full game on both Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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