Difference between Available and Required in Configuration Manager. In the deploy software wizard you would have come across the Deployment Settings. There are two settings – Deployment Action and Deployment Purpose. Deployment Action includes “Install” or “Uninstall“. You can choose Install option to install an app or Uninstall uninstall an app. If an application is deployed twice to a device, once with an action of Install and once with an action of Uninstall, the application deployment with an action of Install will take priority. Next setting is the Deployment purpose, you can configure them to install immediately, or prompt users to request approval from an administrator.

Difference between Available and Required in SCCM

Available – If the application is deployed to a user, the user sees the published application in the Application Catalog and can request it on demand. If the application is deployed to a device, the user will see it in the Software Center and can install it on demand.

Required – The application is deployed automatically according to the configured schedule. However, a user can track the application deployment status if it is not hidden, and can install the application before the deadline by using the Software Center. Required applications have an installation schedule and automatically install if they are not already installed by a defined deadline.