Guide Configure SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Configuration Manager for SCCM

Guide Configure SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Configuration Manager for SCCM. In this guide, we make some configuration to SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Configuration Manager for future installation SCCM Reporting Point Role.

  1. Login to your system with SQL Server;

2. In All Programs find and run SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager;

3. At Report Server Instance select your instance (in my case SCCM) and click Connect;

4. For Service Account leave default settings;

5. For Report Server Database click Change Database;

6. Select option Create a new report server database and click Next;

7. At Server Name enter <Your SQL Server name>\<Your instance name> and click Test Connection;

8. If test succeed click OK;

9. Click Next;

10. Enter Database Name and choose Language, click Next;

11. Leave by default Service Credentials and click Next;

12. For Summary click Next;

13. Database creation begin;

14. When complete click Finish;

15. For Web Service URL enter name of Virtual Directory, enter TCP Port (I use 8080) and if you have SSL – config options for SSL. When complete click Apply;

16. Directory created and port reserved. Don’t forget create Windows Firewall rules for your ports;

17. For Report Manager URL enter name of Virtual Directory and click Apply;

18. Directory created and port reserved;

19. For Encryption Keys click Backup;

20. Click button with dots to specify output path and filename.

21. Enter STRONG password and click OK;

22. For finishing all steps, we need restart Reporting Services. Go to <Server name>\<instance name> and click Stop;

23. After that click Start;

We make all configurations for future SCCM RP Role installation and may close console. Copy certificate to your certificates storage, make some bakup.

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