In this guide, I show you how-to deploy Windows Feature NET Framework 3.5 with SCCM. Before we begin, download net 3.5 cab file and copy to folder (where you place content for SCCM).

Create SCCM application:

1. Start SCCM console and navigate to Software Library\Application Management\Applications. Click Create Application;

2. Select Manually specify the application information and click Next;

3. Fill in the fields and click Next;

4. Fill in the fields, add Icon;

5. Click Next;

6. For Deployment Types, click Add;

7. At Type select Script Installer, select Manually specify the application information and click Next;

8. Fill in fields and click Next;

9. Select Content Location. For Installation program use:

dism /online /add-package /

For Uninstall program use:

DISM /online /disable-feature /FeatureName:NetFx3

10. Click Next;

11. Click Add Clause, set Registry. At Hive select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
For Key use:

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v3.5

For Value enter Install, for Data Type select String. Click OK;

12. Click Next;

13. Specify user experience settings for the application and click Summary;

14. Click Next;

15. Click Close;

16. Deployment type added, click Next;

17. Click Next;

18. Click Close;

Distribute Conent and Deploy

  1. Right Mouse Button click on newly added application and select Distribute Content;

2. Click Next;

3. Click Next;

4. Add Distribution Point and click Next;

5. Click Next;

6. Click Close;

7. Wait some time, refresh page and you must get Content Status – Success;

8. Right Mouse Button click on newly added application and select Deploy;

9. Select target collection and click Next;

10. Click Next (We already sent it to Distribution Point);

11. Specify Deployment Settings and click Next;

12. Specify Scheduling and click Next;

13. Specify User Notifications and click Next;

14. Specify Alerts and click Next;

15. Click Next;

16. Click Close;

We complete SCCM side, let’s check how it work at client.

Install .NET Framework 3.5 from Software Center:

1. Login to client and start Software Center. You must see new application;

2. Click Install and wait some time;

3. Client successfully installed, so let’s uninstall it. Click Uninstall;

4. Uninstall completed and you can install it again if you wish;