Guide Install Configuration Manager Reporting Services Point

Guide Install Configuration Manager Reporting Services Point. Before begin, check your SQL Reporing configuration and install on SCCM Server Report viewer 2010.

1. Open the SCCM console;

2. Navigate to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles;

3. Right Mouse Button click on your Site Server and click Add Site System Roles;

4. For General, click Next;

5. For Proxy, Click Next;

6. For System Roles Selection, select Reporting Services Point, Click Next;

7. Click Verify;

8. At the bottom, add an account to use for the reporting point. This account needs to have access to the SCCM DB (as example, it may be SQL Server Reporting Services service account). Click Set and choose New Account;

9. Enter account User name, Password and Confirm password, click OK;

10. Click Next;

11. For Summary, click Next;

12. For Completion, click Close;

13. Wait some time and check Reports (Monitoring\Overview\Reporting\Reports);

P. S. Don’t forget set SQL Recovery model to Simple for ReportingServer database.

Check Logs:

Check for the following logs for reporting point installation status. Both logs are under the SCCM logs file locations.



If your reporting point is installed on a remote server look for the logs in :

<Drive Letter>:\SMS\Logs\
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