Guide Remove Windows Server 2016 Authorized DHCP Server with GUI and PowerShell.

With GUI:

1. In apps list or search find and run ADSI Edit;

2. Right Mouse Button click and click Connect to;

3. In the Select a well known Naming Context choose Configuration. Click OK;

4. Navigate to CN=Configuration,DC=<domain>\CN=Services\CN=NetServices;

5. Right Mouse Button click on CN=<FQDN> and click Properties;

6. Find attribute dhcpServers, click Edit;

7. Remove that you need and click OK;

8. Click OK;

9. Close console;

10. Let’s test it;

With PowerShell:

1. Run PowerShell as administrator;

2. Get authorized DHCP Servers;

NETSH DHCP show server

3. Delete DHCP Server that you need;

NETSH DHCP delete server <FQDN> <IPAddress>