Guide Simple Tune Configuration Manager perfomance

Guide Simple Tune Configuration Manager perfomance. In this guide, I will show you some steps to simple tune SCCM performance. This is simple steps, but many of us forgot doing this.


SCCM Rebuild Indexes

  1. Start your SCCM Console;

2. Go to Administration\Site Configuration\Sites. Select your site and click Settings in upper menu. Click Site Maintenance;

3. In list find Rebuild Indexes and click Edit;

4. Click Enable this task and set time and days to run. When complete click OK;

5. Configure ALL OTHER items in the list as you need and click OK;


Memory Limit

  1. Run SQL Management Studio and connect to your SCCM Instance;

2. Right Mouse Button click on instance and click Properties;

3. For Memory enter your Minimum server memory (in MB) and Maximum server memory (in MB). Click OK;

4. Right Mouse Button click on instance and click Restart to apply Memory changes;

5. In pop-up windows click Yes;

Database File Size limits

  1. Right Mouse Button click on your SCCM database and click Properties;

2. For Files set Initial Size (MB) and Autogrowth/Maxsize;

3. For Options at option Recovery model set Simple (if you set Full – than your logs increase very quickly and eat all disk space). Click OK;

4. Repeat this steps for SUSDB database and ReportServer database (by default Recovery model – Full);

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