IIS Install server certificates manually

IIS Install server certificates manually.

  1. On the IIS Manager at the server level, locate the Server Certificates icon;

2. Locate the Actions pane on the ride side and click Import;

3. This will open up the Import dialog box;

4. Provide the .pfx file full path, password for the keys and click OK. This will install the certificate for you.

Using MMC:

  1. Open MMC;
  2. Click File\Add/Remove Snap-in;
  3. Select Certificates and click Add;
  4. Select Computer account for the snap-in and click Next;
  5. Click Local computer and click Finish;

6. In the MMC console, expand Certificates (Local Computer);

7. Right Click on Personal\All Tasks\Import;

  1. Select the *.pfx certificate in the certificate import wizard and click next;
  2. Provide the password for the certificate, click Next;
  3. Select the store as Personal, click Next and Finish
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