Ok, let’s finish with SQL Server 2016 installation and ahead.

1. Enter your instance name in “Named instance“, “Instance ID” set automatically. Click “Next” button;

2. Set “Service Accounts” for our SQL services (we created them early) and set “Startup Type” to “Automatic“;

3. Set “Collation”:


If you set another collation – SCCM won’t work! Click “Next” button;

4. In “Server Configuration” select “Windows authentification mode“. Add user “BUILTIN\Administrator” and local group “<Computer name>\Administrators” by clicking “Add” button;

5. Configure “Data Directories” (path for Databases, Logs and Backups) for your needs;

6. Configure “TempDB” (path for temp Databases and Logs) for your needs and click “Next” button;

7. “Reporting Services Configuration” set “Install only“, we configure it later. Click “Next” button;

8. Click “Install” button to start installation;

9. Installation starts;

10. Installation succeeded, we can go farther and make postinstall configurations. Click “Close” button to close window;