Install Windows Server 2016 DNS Role

Install Windows Server 2016 DNS Role. Continuing preparing System Center LAB. In this post, we install “Domain Name System” (DNS) role in our future “Domain Controller” “DCSC” (early created VM “DCSCCM” that I renamed) “Virtual machine” (VM) with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard.

1. For role installation I use “Server Manager” console. By default, it’s start automatically at logon. If console doesn’t open, you may start in manually. Left Mouse Button click “Start” button and then click “Server Manager” or use search;

winsrv2016dns12. When console opened click “Manage” (upper menu) and select from list “Add Roles and Features“;

winsrv2016dns23. In new window read text and, if it’s all in good state, click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns34. Select (selected by Default) “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns45. Select target server or (if it’s only one) click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns56. Set check mark at “DNS Server“;

winsrv2016dns67. In pop-up windows click “Add Features” button (DNS Tools for management DNS role);


8. After that click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns89. Now we don’t install any feature, so click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns910. Read short information about DNS and click “Next” button;

winsrv2016dns1011. If you wish, you may set check mark at “Restart the destination server automatically if required” (by standard deployment there is no restart) and click “Install“;

winsrv2016dns1112. All good, installation start;

winsrv2016dns1213. After installation complete click “Close” button. On the left side of Server Manager console you will see new option “DNS“;

winsrv2016dns1314. Hooray, we install DNS role.

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