Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android adds single sign-on (SSO) and conditional access

Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android adds single sign-on (SSO) and conditional access.

Now in public preview for Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android:

  • Microsoft Edge single sign-on (SSO): Your employees can enjoy single sign-on across native clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) and Microsoft Edge for all Azure Active Directory connected apps.
  • Microsoft Edge conditional access: You can now require employees to use Microsoft Intune protected browsers such as Microsoft Edge using application-based conditional access policies.
  • Dual-Identity: Microsoft Edge now supports corporate and personal work identities. There is complete separation between the two identities, like the architecture and experience of Outlook and Office 365. Users can seamlessly transition between work and personal identities while corporate content is kept secure.
  • Configuration settings: Admins can configure a homepage shortcut, bookmarks, MyApps integration, Azure app proxy, allow and block URL lists, and more for Microsoft Edge.
  • Fast page-rendering: Consumers already love Microsoft Edge, and one thing we hear over and over is that they love how fast it is.
  • Rich set of personalization and productivity features: Microsoft Edge comes with modern features such as seamless browsing across mobile and desktop, Voice Search, a built-in QR code reader, syncing capabilities to keep users’ eBooks, passwords, and favorites shared across devices.
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