Configuration Manager error 0x87D01201(-2016407039)

Configuration Manager error 0x87D01201(-2016407039). When using the Software Center to install new software, the error 0x87D01201(-2016407039) pops up.

1. Open Control Panel, click at Configuration Manager;

2. Click on the Cache tab and click on Configure Settings;
3. Click on Delete Files;
4. Now try again to install the software from the Software Center.

More information about the client cache:

The Configuration Manager client downloads the content for required software soon after it receives the deployment but waits to run it until the deployment scheduled time. At the scheduled time, the Configuration Manager client checks to see whether the content is available in the cache. If content is in the cache and it is the correct version, the client always uses this cached content. However, when the required version of the content has changed or if the content was deleted to make room for another package, the content is downloaded to the cache again.

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