SCCM Unable to establish connection to the service 80080005

SCCM Unable to establish connection to the service 80080005. Some of the clients could not able perform software update scan. Look at wuahandler.log ,scanagent.log and windowsupdate.log as these logs will help you to troubleshoot software update scan issues at the initial stage.

WARNING:     IsSessionRemote: WinStationQueryInformationW(WTSIsRemoteSession) failed for session 2, GetLastError=2250
COMAPI    FATAL: Unable to connect to the service (hr=80080005)
COMAPI    WARNING: Unable to establish connection to the service. (hr=80080005) 

The issue is not with SCCM client or windows update agent rather it is more of windows issue likely to be caused due to a missing/corrupt class in root\microsoft\windows\servermanager.

For this ,you need to create dump to analyse what is going on and here is what you can found in the dump log.

4 0000003ebe29d850 00007ffd2f31a1c7 wbemcore!CCoreQueue::QueueWaitForSingleObject+0x5c   Waiting for thread running wbemcore!CCoreQueue::Execute

5 0000003ebe29d8a0 00007ffd2f328f5a wbemcore!CWmiFinalizer::GetOperationResult+0x67

6 0000003ebe29d8e0 00007ffd2a999afd wbemcore!CWbemNamespace::ExecQuery+0x2ae

When Windows Update is in “scanning for updates” state, the WMI provider in use is ServerManager.DeploymentProvider.

To fix this problem you need to compile servermanager.deploymentprovider.mof. If the ServerManager.DeploymentProvider is bad, this command will fix it. If the ServerManager.DeploymentProvider is good, below command will not cause any damage to the machine.

Open cmd in elevated mode (as admin):

  1. Run:  taskkill /f /fi “services eq wuauserv”
  2. Run the following command to recompile the MOF file:  mofcomp c:\windows\system32\wbem\servermanager.deploymentprovider.mof
  3. Restart the machine.

After the server reboot, software update scan went through successfully.

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