Sidder: Quickly see which User Profile Disk maps to which Domain User

Sidder: Quickly see which User Profile Disk maps to which Domain User. Copy it to where you need it, and run it. It will ask for a folder which holds your UVHD files (User Profile Disks), will parse those files, and will translate the SID in the filename to the corresponding NTUsername (Domain\Username). Sidder v2.0 overview.

There’s the file size column. It shows you all the UVHD file sizes in MB and the column is sortable of course. One of the drive icons is red. This means that the file was in use when the folder was processed. So that user probably is still working, or maybe there’s a problem with that file and the user’s profile? There’s also some new buttons, and a status bar. Refresh Button and new Folder Browse Dialog

The Refresh Button just refreshes the currently selected folder. The Folder Browse Button was completely rewritten from scratch. New custom OpenFileDialog control just to be able to browse for folders and being able to input UNC paths as a source as well.

Being able to use UNC folder paths was one of the most requested features. Status Bar and Delete Button

When a folder is selected or upon startup the little status bar will give you some information about that folder. If you’d like to delete one or more UVHD files, just select them and click the Delete Button. It will popup a confirmation dialog showing you which files are about to be deleted.

This dialog will also show you the locked file status, and clicking Cancel will of course abort the deletions. Sidder v2.0 was contributed to the Microsoft TechNet Gallery. You can download (and rate!) it here. Don’t forget make some feedback on this, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!

Update: If you do not have enough rights (elevated or not) on the profile disk folder, an error would show upon startup. Not a crash as such, just an error.

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