Skype for Business Error Move-CsUser : HostedMigration fault: Error=(0), Description=(Pool is in failed over state.). Some info before begin.

UPN – User Principal Name;

O365domainname –;

Servername (on-premise) – name@domain;

Poolname (as example) –

When migrate users from Skype for Business Online to Skype for Business Server (on-premise) with (as example) this command:

You can get next error:

First of all, check for some users (working and non-working) pool in SfB Online:

  1. Connect to SfB online

2. Check users in SfB online with command

3. Check attributes

RegistrarPool and OriginatingServer

If broken user has other Pool then working user, do next:

  • Unassign SfB Online license for 24 hours or more
  • After that time assign license to user
  • Check users pool as before
  • If pool changed – try to migrate user.

P. S. If attributes are the same or solution not help – create Office365 support request