SQL installation Part 1 Create Windows Firewall rules for SQL

SQL installation Part 1 Create Windows Firewall rules for SQL. Before start installation of SQL server we must create some “Windows Firewall” rules.

1. Login to your SQL server. Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “Control Panel“;

2. Change “View by” from “Category” to “Small icons“;

3. Open “Windows Firewall“;

4. Click on “Advanced settings“;

5. Click on “Inbound Rules” and select “New Rule“;

6. Select option “Port” and click “Next” button;

7. Select option “UDP“, “Specific local ports” and enter 1434 and click “Next” button. (Default SQL UDP port, allow remote connections to SQL);

8. Leave “Allow the connection” and click “Next” button;

9. Leave check marks by default and click “Next“;

10. Enter rule name, as example “SQL UDP“, click “Finish” button;

11. Repeat steps “5-6“. Select “TCP” option, “Specific local ports” and enter 1433. (Default SQL TCP port). Also, I enter 14331 and 8080 after symbol “,” for my future SCCM installation. Click “Next” button;

12. Repeat steps “8-9“, enter rule name, as example “SQL TCP“, click “Finish” button;

13. Check created tules;

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