Before start installation of SQL server we must create some “Windows Firewall” rules.

1. Login to your SQL server. Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “Control Panel“;

2. Change “View by” from “Category” to “Small icons“;

3. Open “Windows Firewall“;

4. Click on “Advanced settings“;

5. Click on “Inbound Rules” and select “New Rule“;

6. Select option “Port” and click “Next” button;

7. Select option “UDP“, “Specific local ports” and enter 1434 and click “Next” button. (Default SQL UDP port, allow remote connections to SQL);

8. Leave “Allow the connection” and click “Next” button;

9. Leave check marks by default and click “Next“;

10. Enter rule name, as example “SQL UDP“, click “Finish” button;

11. Repeat steps “5-6“. Select “TCP” option, “Specific local ports” and enter 1433. (Default SQL TCP port). Also, I enter 14331 and 8080 after symbol “,” for my future SCCM installation. Click “Next” button;

12. Repeat steps “8-9“, enter rule name, as example “SQL TCP“, click “Finish” button;

13. Check created tules;

We ready to install SQL Server. Go to Part 2.